Join Us For A Life Changing Event ... Renewal From The Roots!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Renewal From The Roots: Leading Transformation In The Traditional Church

This is a cordial invitation to one and all on these lists and the friends I've included by carbon copy to attend a special seminar Sept 8 - 11 in Lawrenceburg TN. Please read it. If it's not for you, please forward it to someone who might benefit!

You should only come IF

- You are a pastor, church leader, or church worker interested in the renewal of the traditional church?
- You are sick and tired of being sick and tired with the "status quo" of your church?
- You are desperate to see Christ's church be transformed?
- You know it's MONDAY because you want to quit again
- You get depressed and discouraged when you go to church instead of being encouraged
- You know the solution for your church won't come from trying to "mimic" some mega church down the road

If that's you, you need...


God HAS given you and your church what you need to reach the unreached people groups all around you. Will you seek God until your church is UNLEASHED for His service?

We'll have Evening services for everybody on Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday @ 7 PM & specialized Daytime Leadership Sessions Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday 9 - Noon!

Here are the highlights -

Here's the Evening Meeting Highlights:

God's renewal strategy in your community,

He has a plan for the isolated, insulated, detached, and alienated.


Walled communities and divine engagements

Today we are clustered very differently than the family and neighborhood communities of our parent's time – we come together in facebook circles, blog sites, workplace relationships and by shared interests, needs, physical infirmities, and addictions. We are often living in isolated 'walled communities' to which you or I, and perhaps we alone have access. How does Jesus enter into our lives through the walls and boundaries we form? How does He speak through us in these situations?


Lost Children and Divine Compassion

Detachment disorder is a term often used to describe an affliction of abandoned or orphaned children, but today many of us are 'detached' through circumstances such as divorce or addiction or the isolation of modern life. It is difficult of us to have authentic, trusting relationships. God's heart is broken for his lost children of all ages whom He desires to reclaim for himself. What is His plan?


911, Responding to the Call

For all the actual 911 calls that are placed for emergency response, there are thousands of 911 calls from the human heart that are never actually dialed. Human crisis is the opportunity for Christ to transform and heal. He always meets us at the point of our deepest need. If we are Christ's first responders, how effective are we? How are you called to respond to the cry of the human heart?

Here's the agenda for the DayTime Leadership Schedule:



God's plan for the church in crisis
*Character of the crisis in the mainline and evangelical church, the bad, the ugly and the unlikely.

*Historic church renewal – a north american grassroots miracle
*At the center of the public square – we are the story
*God's southern strategy and other unlikely special operations


Transformational leadership through

* The eyes of Jesus
* The voice of God
* The action of the Holy Spirit
*The body of Christ


How to do on the ground renewal with
*Your church
*Where you live
*With those people
* In these times
* Taking it apart and putting it back together to make it work like new.

PLUS - Pastors/Church Leaders/Church Workers - email a history of your church in advance following the outline below for specific tips and concepts to apply to your ministry as a case study during the workshop!

Our leader for the week will be a Team Leader for Vision New England's VISION ONE program for helping every local church reach it's local "unreached people group"

This program is sponsored by the Session of First Presbyterian Church 252 Admiral Circle Lawrenceburg TN 38464

Cost: Those RSVP before September 1st will only be asked for a love offering instead of a set fee. So....Please RSVP to Pastor Chuck Huckaby at the email on the sidebar of this page!