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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Bible Stories as English Teaching Tool (ESL/EFL)

In the U.S. the question of "illegal immigrants" occupies the daily news - at least if there's a political campaign on the horizon.

The church of Jesus Christ exists within a tension - not encouraging people to break the law of the land but also called to "welcome the stranger" because we Christians realize we ourselves are pilgrims and strangers in this world.

So whether your church is surrounded by illegal aliens wanting to learn English or legal aliens in the form of students, business owners, etc. these resources may help your ministry.

Most "English" courses focus on the "rules" of English. What they don't give people is practice in reading or speaking simple English.

These tools are being used in Southeast Asia but might as easily be used here in the United States if reaching out to folks wanting to improve their English.

They're based on the concepts of Chronological Bible Teaching and Chronological Bible Storytelling.

The book A True Story is fairly short - about 150 pages - and can be printed without royalty if following the author's guidelines. Download the zipped file here. There are also simple guidelines for using these materials as well.

We are making these books available, with no charge, to anyone who wants to take the time to help a non-English-speaking person. Teachers in more that 60 countries are using and reproducing these books, or even parts of a book, to help their students. If you are looking for an activity to enrich your life, this is a golden opportunity. Try downloading one of the books listed below (we recommend starting with "A True Story"), and help another person read and understand it. The books are not on various grade levels. Comments and constructive criticism are always appreciated.

Note: Many of the resources at the Chronological Bible Storytelling site are from Southern Baptist International Mission Board missionaries. The nature of these stories should not require too much adaptation if any to your particular denominational context.

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