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Monday, November 06, 2006

The Legacy of the Nazi Eugenics Program & It's American Counterpart

The Times Online (UK) ran an article recently about the Nazi Lebensborn program.

It's a sad and twisted tale about what happens when abortion depopulates a state as Western Europe and Russia are being depopulated by abortion today. Now these nations see themselves about to implode because it takes people to maintain the infrastructure of a culture.

Post World War I Germany noticed that too thanks to the depopulation of war and mad men seized on a "solution" they thought. They would breed the "master race" and seed the Reich with "pure progeny".

Like other experiments where demonic states attempt to replace the family unit ordained by God, it failed on several counts.

The children of the "Master Race" were found to be as subject to their environment as any others. Their genetics did not guarantee superiority despite their nurture.

Hitler believed the “Nordic race” was destined to rule the world. But many Lebensborn children ended up emotionally scarred underachievers, craving the warmth of family ties and alienated from their foster parents or mothers, who in many cases refused to speak about the programme, either out of shame or loyalty to the SS oath that they had sworn. The children’s suffering was worst in Norway, where many never recovered from the stigma of having a German father. Some were put in mental asylums.

Gisela Heidenreich, blue-eyed and tall with fair hair, found out in the 1950s that her father had been a married SS officer and her mother a secretary for Lebensborn. She started investigating her past when she was shown a magazine report about Lebensborn “studs” and “SS whores”.

“My world fell apart. My mother wasn’t a harmless quiet secretary, she was this whore who bred me,” Frau Heidenreich said.

Though Americans will wag their heads in derision of this failed experiment, the philosophy behind it is a well funded entity in the U.S. It's called Planned Parenthood, and its founder shared Hitler's eugenics theory.

In the U.S. the mode of action is not the outright breeding of a "master race" a la Lebebsborn but the attempt to eradicate the "underclasses", those not "fit to breed".

Politicians voting to fund abortions in the name of "Choice" are, in essence, continuing the Nazi program here and have been for nearly a generation.

Today as we shake our heads in wonder at the insanity of Lebensborn and the scarred lives left behind... will we look to ourselves and do something about the same philosophy hard at work here, funded by our government, doing more to kill off the "underclasses" than any of Hitler's schemes accomplished?

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