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Friday, March 09, 2007

Steve Sjogren On Your Life Message

This is a quote from part of an article by Steve Sjogren. Frankly it was a relief to hear for many ministers in their 40's.

So it's not just a midlife crisis?!

That's a relief!

From CROnline

I have coached close to one thousand planters and frustrated mid-career ministry people to the end that [they should] discover the unique, seminal focus they alone can can carry out. My experience shows that the earliest one discovers that focus is in one's mid-30s, but usually not until one is in one's mid-40s. Tragically, ministry commonly destroys people [before] they reach that point of discovery... they "grow weary of doing good" as Paul warns against. The majority, even those with significant gifts, quit before they discover their unique contribution to the advance of God's kingdom.