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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Madonna and Child

Rev. Dr. Larry Brown, a missionary teacher in Malawi, tells how the locals in Malawi view Madonna - the performer not the Virgin - obtaining a child under questionable circumstances:

Today Madonna’s adopted child left Malawi. He’s a one-and-a-half year old boy named David Banda. No, Madonna wasn’t with him; he arrived in London accompanied by two of her staff. There has been here in Malawi a cry of outrage. The law says that one must have been a resident in Malawi for one year before being eligible to adopt. A spokesman for the Malawian government told the BBC radio today that after all, it’s only a law, and as such is subject to interpretation. I tell my students here that there’s an ancient American proverb, “Money talks.” They smile knowingly; they have a similar proverb in their culture. The child, meanwhile, is more of an orphan than ever.

Update 11/6/2006 - Reports reveal that "Madonna" chose this child despite the fact that he was not really an orphan. In fact, she passed up legitimately orphaned children, then, after criticism claimed that this boy too was an orphan because his father "never visited him". In fact, the father robe 36 km three times per week - by bicycle - OR MORE to visit the boy.