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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Leadership must be in for the long haul

This is a quote from the Presbyterian Global Fellowship blog on "Wilderness Leadership".

This kind of missional leadership is slow. It is not fast. Missional leaders are not one minute managers. We are lifetime managers. We don't lead people with a fast food drive thru rush mentality. We lead with calendars, seasons, and years. Missional leaders know that any real, significant change can't happen quickly. It needs time to ferment. It simmers slowly. People are not square pegs that we can force into round holes. They are fellow travellers on the journey. Sometimes they are obstinate, for sure. And sometimes they are as unreasonable as their leaders. But God knows, that the dramatic shift in the North American church will not happen overnight. It will happen in a generation. Wilderness leadership is not just about waiting for a generation to die off. It's about raising up a new generation, that learns from the old generation, and then figures out how to get out of the desert.