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Thursday, January 04, 2007

"Advocate For The Homless" Bumbling Officials Help Starve The Homeless

A self proclaimed "Advocate for the homeless" from Fairfax County, Virginia called the food police on some grannies who were making soup and corn bread at home for their church and then feeding homeless people for free, but obviously not through the "proper" homeless advocacy channels.

Between the "advocates" - grant seeking whiners who don't want competition from churches and who don't want "compassion" to be anything more than grant money channelled through their grubby hands so they can get a hefty cut of it whether the poor are helped or not - and the "health department" whose actions give people no option but to eat out of dumpsters, is there anyone really helping the homeless here?

Too often "Compassion" has become an industry to fatten the wallets of "advocates" and extend the power of bureaucrats. What's been lost in the equation is anything that might reconnect people who are alienated from both Jesus Christ and society back to both... like the personal help of little old ladies making home made soup.

Thankfully 2 pastors are speaking out...

Rev. [Judy] Fender added, "They've set up a situation that you have to have a $40,000 kitchen to feed someone who's going to get their food from questionable sources at best."

Rev. Kathleen Chesson said her First Christian Church would not obey the rules. "Our agenda is to feed the hungry. We're going to feed the hungry. That's it."

Evidently adverse publicity has let the soup kitchen reopen - for now.

Note: This news I've linked to here jibes perfectly with an article I read today on who the real skinflints are... the ones shouting loudest about "caring". More "homeless advocates" I presume.