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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Why Is "The Nativity" Bombing At The Box Office? reports that "The Nativity" is bombing at the box office.

This is supposed to reflect the people of faith's ennui and laziness.

Of course it couldn't reflect Hollywood's lack of credibility?

Or Hollywood's lack of marketing for the film?

Here's more of what the article said...

Baehr believes a major problem for "Nativity" was that marketers didn't get the word out early to their vital partner, the churches.

Mel Gibson, he pointed out, was promoting "Passion" in churches nine months before its release. With "Narnia," study guides were distributed to nearly every church – an effort that requires marketers to be "one year ahead of the game." "Passion," released in 2004, had a worldwide box office of $604 million.

The bottom line is that even when Hollywood produces a great film - like the one recently on Esther, a "Night with the King" - nobody ever hears about it until the day it comes out. The Passion built interest and tension months in advance.

It just goes to show that Hollywood doesn't know how to market wholesome movies.

Hire the crew that promoted the Passion and partner with churches and you'll have a huge turn out.

Personally I love the film and have encouraged everyone I've spoken to about the film to see it. I might go see it again just to register my interest.