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Thursday, May 10, 2007

More Junk Evangelical Concern From Outreach & Evangelism Ezine This Time

My email box got the latest email from "Outreach" today.

I like to stay informed about outreach opportunities and this has the potential to be a good source of "outside the box" ideas as they say.

But I'm getting sick at the way evangelicals who are desperately in search of "relevance" these days seem to seek that "relevance" at any cost.

We have no internal compass to judge the validity of the world's agenda, so we kow tow to their wisdom at every opportunity it seems.

The latest example of this for me is this article: Whose Earth Is It Anyway? - Outreach & Evangelism

It's about the need to replace all the light bulbs in the church to save the world in Jesus's Name.

It's amazing how Jesus never calculated on the incandescent light bulb as the true barrier to his plans for creating the new heaven and new earth... He just thought sin, death, and the devil were the real problem!

Forgive my sarcasm. But it does get me to my point.

I think American Christians have lost their minds. Or at least their (our) discernment. The "Copenhagen Consensus" (summary chart below) was compiled by secular and environmentalist friendly persons without an axe to grind. They simply asked ... "What gives us the most bang for the buck in addresseing global human needs while bringing demonstrable results?"

On the chart below, you'll see how everything in this article about warming and climate control ranks as a cruel joke to the world's truly needy.

That means our evangelical preoccupation with climate change nonsense is also our participation in a cruel joke on the world's truly needy.

The only thing "addressing global warming" guarantees is the frightening increase of totalitarianism, the greatest mass murderer in human history - if you're not counting the devil, of course.

God help us and give us some perspective on what justice and righteousness really mean - from the Sciptures and not from the pagans of this world.

As an example of why I concur with the Copenhage Consensus, I would ask you to consider the message of this advertisement from Acton Institute. This is where we really need to be devoting our efforts as stewards instead of dupes of the zeitgeist.

For the projected cost of Kyoto in just the year 2010, the biggest health problem facing mankind could be fixed. We could provide clean drinking water and sanitation for every person in the world. Permanently.

Currently one billion people in the world use unsafe sources of drinking water. As a result of this contaminated water and lack of basic sanitation, 4,500 children die each day.

Worrying about deaths from global warming is, at best, a case of misplaced priorities.

Obviously, we can’t ignore any real global warming threats. But, with limited resources, we need to make smart, moral choices about what we do. Technological advancement is the key to controlling environmental pollution. And it takes wealth to make those advancements. If saving lives is our goal, we must advocate policies
that will help developing countries prosper.