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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Sudan Threatens Soft Drink Industry If Sanctions Imposed

Corrected Version

In former days, men such as William Carey went without cane sugar because the product benefitted the slave trade.

Today, the world soft drink industry enriches the Sudanese goverment through sales of gum arabic, a key ingredient in the mix.

As a result the Sudanese government threatened to hold drinkers of Coca Cola hostage if sanctions are imposed. (In reality there is no substance to the claim that Coca Cola will suffer according to the article I've linked to, but Pepsi declined to comment!)

How odd that our appetites for soft drinks and oil enrich those who hate the West so much!

I doubt that those who are so passionate about Darfur care enough to stop drinking soft drinks voluntarily to cripple the Sudanese regime if it could be shown to have an impact.

We're all outrage but no action...Our consciences are crippled by our appetites and we have no will to chage. Isn't that the definition of an "addict" when applied to an individual? If so, we have become the "Addict Culture".

On another note, I wonder how many who are so outraged about "Darfur" and "Tibet" and want something to be "done" are also against the "War in Iraq"?

And if not war... what is to be "done"? We can't even stop drinking soft drinks when the sodium benzoate is linked to Parkinson's, premature aging, and liver damage! We want "someone" to take "decisive action" without any personal cost to ourselves or any interruption in our conveniences.

We have no common worldview and as a result can arrive at no common moral consensus.